Episode 96 – Fireside Chat 3 – with Rob Cast, Rob Wade & James O’Flaherty

Listen to the episode HERE

It is the third and final installment of the Fireside Chat with the Commonwealth. On today’s episode Rob (GXW) is joined by Rob Wade (Talk Star Wars), Rob Cast (TSW Round Table) and James O’Flaherty (Tumbling Saber) to discuss podcasting, outside interests, babies and have another round of GXW VS – “Famous Rob’s” Edition.

Check out:
– Rob Wade on the Talk Star Wars Podcast and Emotionally14.com
– Rob Cast on the upcoming TSW Round Table at Talk Star Wars and The Roman Pod and Cast
– James O’Flaherty on the Tumbling Saber Podcast
And the rest of the Star Wars Commonwealth Network.

Music provided by:

– “Christmas in the Stars” – Star Wars Christmas Album

– “Empire Jazz” produced and arranged by Ron Carter

– “Auld Lang Syne” – Dropkick Murphy’s



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