Episode 104 – Video Game Influences w/ Karl Germyn

Listen to the episode HERE

Anil is still away but Jamie and Rob enjoy the company of Karl Germyn (Outer Rim Garrison of the 501st) for a second week.

We discuss some of the positive influences that video games have had on our lives and how it has had an impact on their careers now.

We chat about a wide range of games such as Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda and Nintendo Ice hockey. We remember the all-nighter game marathons from our youth. We also reminisce about being behind the retail counter during the growth of the rating system. It’s a great talk.

Find Jamie (Pale Rider) and Karl (Gloves) at the Outer Rim Garrison of BC message board: http://outerrimgarrison.com/
Intro song: “Arcadia” – Deadmau5
Outro song: “Neo Geo” Keith Apacary

Epi 104 - Video Games


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