Episode 122 – Surviving the “Dark Times”

Listen to the episode HERE

Anil, Jamie and Rob are joined again by St3ve from the 501st Legion, Outer Rim Garrison of BC to discuss a time when we thought Star Wars was over (approx. 1984 – 1998)

– What were we to do as kids/teens when the franchise that had such a powerful impact on us was not over and there was no real content to keep us interested?
– What did we turn to?
– Was the absence of Star Wars a good thing?
– And what brought us back?
– Is the Star Wars franchise too big now and will there ever be an end?

(Thanks to Tumbling Saber for the questions)

Also on the show:
– Help Rob find a nickname!
– Post show: we open packs of cards to see if Anil is lucky to find his own artist card

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Epi 122 - The Dark Times


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