Episode 124 -Time Travel w/ Vincent Chou

Listen to the episode HERE

With Jamie still away moving into a new place, Anil and Rob are joined again by Vincent Chou (@stuff99 on Twitter) to talk about Time Travel in movies, TV and comics. We also discuss the rules of time travel. Does it suit the Star Wars world? What would we do if we had the ability to go back in time?

Also on the show: “What Excites You?”
– Sanjay and Craig
– Possible Gremlins 3 movie?

Anil has Spacehindu.
Jamie has Pale Rider.
But what about Rob? He would like a nickname….A NICE nickname….

Help Rob find a nickname and you could win a prize from “Anil’s box of Broken Dreams“. Send us your ideas to generationxwingpodcast@gmail.com or on our Facebook and Twitter sites and we will decide by the end of September. Anil and Jamie will decide on the best name. If it is your idea? You will win!

Epi 124 - Time Travel



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