Episode 125 – Bucketheads

Listen to the episode HERE

Jamie and Rob back again, sans Anil, and we were so excited to be joined by a number of awesome guests.
St3ve from the Outer Rim Garrison of BC (501st Legion) sits down with us along with incredible cosplayer Ali Williams who is competing for the Maxims Finest  Competition.
But we are also joined by Marco Bossow, Outer Rim Garrison member and one half of the creative team behind the new Star Wars Fan Film “Bucketheads, A Star Wars Story (with Co-creator Andy Brown). He discusses the synopsis of the new movie and the joy and challenges with the production which involved a number of our local Outer Rim Garrison members, including Jamie and St3ve.
We were so excited for this episode that Rob forgot to hit the record button at the start so the sound quality is a bit off for the first half of this episode.

Check out Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story on Facebook

Check out Ali Williams on Instagram and vote for her on Maxims Finest Competition.

And dont forget the Outer Rim Garrison.

Epi 125 - Bucketheads



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