Outer Rim Rookie #5 – Hitting the Wall w/ Ali Williams

Listen to the episode HERE

Rob is joined by a number of special guests! From the Outer Rim Garrison (501st Legion)

  • Jamie “Pale Rider” Milman – Co-host Generation X-Wing Podcast
  • St3ve – Outer Rim Garrison on Twitter
  • Marco Bossow – co-creator of the upcoming fan film “Bucketheads”

But most importantly he is joined by the extremely talented and super awesome Ali Williams, Ali sits down with us and shares her story of how she got into co-playing, her current Maxim Finest competition, and current business ventures.

On today’s show our very experience builders offer some great advice when you have hit the wall in building your armour or costume.

Check out Ali Williams on Instagram and vote for her on Maxims Finest Competition.

Check out Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story on Facebook

And don’t forget the Outer Rim Garrison

Check out Terry Chui’s site Panda Props and Costumes:

ORR epi 5 - Ali Williams


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