Episode 127 – Listener Questions

Listen to episode HERE

Anil, Jamie and Rob are back taking questions from our listeners, because when you are stuck for an idea for a show…steal from the best (Yoink!). On today’s show we discuss:

“The Last Jedi” newest trailer.
– Suggestions for books and shows for people getting into the Star Wars universe
– Canadian re-cast of Star Wars
– Star Wars occupational placements.

Also on the show: “What Excites You?”
Walking Dead
Archer‘s newest season
– Explaining Rick and Morty to Anil
– Jamie plays Battlegrounds 2 Beta

Bulent Hasan and Josh Whittall’s book BLACK PROJECT

Use the promo code PFB8LT5X to get 15% off

Image result for black project bulent
Outro Music – “Roygbiv” – Boards Of Canada

Epi 127 - Listener Questions



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