Episode 137 – 2017 Year in Review w/ Ali Williams

Listen to the episode HERE

We are celebrating THREE years of podcasting with a bunch of surprises!
– We have a NEW co-host St3ve form the Outer Rim Garrison.
– We have our first guest of 2018 – Ali Williams
– We have a new rule in honour of Knight of the Commonwealth Steve “One-5” Lewis called the HOSENOSE RULE to keep us on track
– We are also discussing the great things that came out of 2017.

We hope you can join us for this fun episode and for the months to come.

Thank you to our Patreon members for helping us play for our website. It REALLY helps!

Grabs Granite
– MO!!!
– Rob Wade (Talk Star WarsEmotionally14)
– Riley Diavano (The Big Open Podcast)
– Steve Kirk (San Diego Saber Radio Podcast)

Epi 137 - 2017 Year in review


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