Episode 155 – “Positively Star Wars”

Listen to the episode HERE

Today Anil, Jamie, Stev3, and Rob “Blow that negativity out of the sky” (to steal a line from Neil Lowery. ) We focus on what makes this Star Wars universe GREAT.
How has this movie from 40 years ago impacted not only our lives personally but an entire world in a positive way?

We look at the impacts through:
– charity (501st)
– art
– in the classroom
– inclusion and equality

We also look at some of the most inspirational quotes that came out of the movie’s franchise.

Check out these awesome links as well:

Neil Lowery “Blow That Negativity Out Of The Sky” podcast
Retro Inc podcast
Hawaiian Mako Custom Designs (Kelly Marie Tran artwork on cover below) by Shane Molina.
The 501st Legion
The Outer Rim Garrison of British Columbia (501st)

Epi 155 - Positively Star Wars


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