Episode 161 – “You Get Paid To Play Video Games? w/ Craig Skistimas of Game Attack”

Listen to the episode HERE

In today’s episode we are so happy to chat with Craig Skistimas of Game Attack. We discuss chat about video game streaming and why people invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just watch someone to play a video games. We also discuss other things such as:
– How has the gaming industry changed over the last 12 years?
– How did Game Attack get its start?
– The community that Game Attack strives for.
– The toxic nature of “fanboys” in any popular genre.
– The influence of podcasting and SideScrollers to our own show.
– and much more…

Check out Craig, Shaun Greyson and the rest of the GA team at Game Attack on TWITCH, YOUTUBE FACEBOOK and also follow the great G1 Community.
Also all August Game Attack supports Extra Life. Click the link below or subscribe to Game Attack on Twitch to help out

Epi 161 - Craig GA


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