Episode 171 – Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story – Fan Film W/ creators Marco Bossow and Andy Brown.

Listen to the episode HERE

BUCKETHEADS: A STAR WARS STORY is being released on DECEMBER 8 on Youtube and we have the creators Marco Bossow and Andy Brown (Transmute Pictures) to sit down with us for an exclusive interview before its release.

Also on the show we are joined by Ali Williams. Check her out on Instagram

We discuss:
– the origin of the project
– early feedback from DragonCon
– the challenges and joys of filming
– the people who made it possible
– and our love of Star Wars fan films.

To learn more about BUCKETHEADS and Transmute pictures check out:

Also checkout the links below for more information on the people behind the movie:
– Theme song “Into the Coals” by Buffalo Jones
– Bucketheads theme music done by Samuel Kim Music
– Ending video – “Into the Coals” done by Its Got Stealth

“Into the Coals” – Buffalo Jones


Epi 171 - Bucketheads Nov


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