OUTER RIM ROOKIE VLOG – 501st Detchments Pt. 2

It is part 2 of our look into the detachments of the 501st. We look at:– First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment– Flagship Eclipse– Imperial Gunnery Corps– Imperial Officer Corps– Jolly Roger Squadron– Krayt Clan– Mos Eisley Police Department– Pathfinders– Sith Lord Detachment– Sovereign Protectors– Spec Ops Detachment– Underworld Detachment


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GXW – EPISODE 301 – “GXW vs 300” Trivia (Audio)

Check out the podcast HERE We are celebrating our 300th episode with a long standing trivia tradition: “GXW vs”. But we are also joined by many friends:– Ali Williams (OnlyAliCat on Instagram)– Ben Briles (Skyhoppers Podcast)– Andre Marquis (San Diego Sabers Radio Podcast)– Tim McMahon (Less Than 12 Parsecs Podcast)– Josh Whittall (Past co-host)– Aaron […]

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