Episode 83 – Sitcom Sidekicks

Listen HERE The boys sit down to discuss their favorite sitcom sidekicks of the 80’s and 90’s. What makes a sidekick? And what makes them so entertaining to watch? And don’t forget to check out Josh’s new comic available on Comixology “FATE the Comic” Also don’t forget our friends on the Star Wars Commonwealth: Talk […]

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Episode 82 – “In My Day…”

Listen to the latest episode HERE Jedi Josh is BACK! With so many changes in our lives personally, socially and technologically we take time to sit down and wonder if opening the Pandora’s Box known as technology such a great thing or are we losing our connections with each other as a society. Also on […]

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Episode 81 – Remembering Kenny Baker & R2D2

Listen to the podcast HERE Anil and Rob are joined again by Jamie “Pale Rider” Milman of the Outer Rim Garrison (BC) of the 501st Legion to look back at Kenny Baker and the character he brought to life: R2D2. Dont forget to check out our friends of the Star Wars Commonwealth: Talk Star Wars […]

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