Episode 106 – Twin Suns

Listen to the episode HERE Jamie and Rob are joined by Knight of the Commonwealth and Commanding Officer of the Outer Rim Garrison of the 501st – Steve One-5. We look at the most recent episode of Star Wars Rebels: “Twin Suns”. The voice acting, the strong nostalgic connections, and the final, yet controversial, final […]

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Outer Rim Rookie – Video #3 – Measuring Up

Watch the video HERE Terry measures up Rob for the Scout Trooper Armour while Rob swallows his pride. We help you figure out where to measure and why we measure there. PANDA’S CORNER: Have an armour or 501st question for Terry? Contact us on Outer Rim Rookie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OuterRimRookie/ Generation X-Wing Podcast (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/generationxwingpodcast/ Generation […]

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